Saturday, July 26, 2008

KillerStartups Comments on KallOut as a Cool Killer App

We're pleased that liked KallOut and the way it "saves time and hassle."

Here are their words, for Why KallOut Might Be A Killer:

"Not having to open up a new browser tab to search definitely saves a lot of time and hassle when wanting more information within texts. KallOut is easy to use and offers users the ability to store their different palettes in custom docks that auto-hide themselves and are revealed by simply mousing up to the top of your screen. However, KallOut currently can only be downloaded by those who use Windows XP or Vista. "

They also asked the following questions:

1. Will KallOut ever be available for Mac users?

2. How does KallOut compare to its competition?

3. Where can KallOut go from here?

These types of posts really help us spread the news about a new way to search using only your mouse and we really appeciate them.

WRT their questions:

1. Mac Version -- as you can see on our employment page,
we are looking for a Mac developer to build a version of KallOut for that platform. We love the Mac and want to make sure it is fully supported as soon as possible.

2. Competition -- KallOut is really the first of its kind to offer a new way to search over an Office document, Adobe PDF or web page using only your mouse. Our BestGuess menu suggestions are a big step forward and our goal is that most of the time what you want will be in the two or three BestGuess choices. If not, we also want to have the largest list of best-of-breed sites supported.

3. What's next -- We have lots of plans ourselves for extending the KallOut platform and opening it up to third party collaboration. We've done a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of creating a way of extending and enhancing 3rd party apps and we want other developers with great ideas in the area of new KallOut Content Providers to contact us about getting their improvements to our users. We also know that in a brand new category like "selection-based search" there will be new ideas that the community will come up with that we haven't thought of. So, if you have any suggestions, please send them in to

Thanks again to!!!

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Tom Beek said...

I am pleased that you will be coming out with a Mac version of this product. Since I've started using it (in my 6th hour) I feel like I'm falling in love. Spread the love baby!